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Comprehensive Statistics of Threads App: Instagram’s Innovative Platform for Real-Time Conversations

In the digital realm where novelty often reigns supreme, Instagram’s Threads App has emerged as a formidable contender. Achieving an astronomical feat of 2 million downloads within the mere span of 2 hours, Threads has set a new benchmark in the realm of social media applications. Crafted to foster real-time, public conversations, Threads is more […]

Hook Story Offer Framework – How I learned & implemented this to sell and how you can use it

I don’t know how I got to know about this framework and even I didn’t actually know there was something called a “Hook Story Offer Framework” but it helped me a lot to sell creatively. Hey blogger, welcome to my blog. In this post, I will share my experience and learnings about the HSO framework […]

Learnings from Indian Affiliate Summit — #IAS22

Last week, have attended my first Indian Affiliate Summit — The biggest affiliate gathering in India. In this blog, I’ll try to cover all the learnings from the event. Network as much as you can for a Click You might know everything about your industry but still, when you connect and talk with like-minded people, you […]