December 12, 2022

Hook Story Offer Framework – How I learned & implemented this to sell and how you can use it

I don’t know how I got to know about this framework and even I didn’t actually know there was something called a “Hook Story Offer Framework” but it helped me a lot to sell creatively. Hey blogger, welcome to my blog. In this post, I will share my experience and learnings about the HSO framework which I am using for the past few years for selling my services.

What is HSO Framework?

If you have seen some of my posts on my Facebook profile, you might have noticed the pattern in which I start my posts with a hook to connect with the audience I want to read the next part of the post and then a story for them to stick to read and then comes the offer. Example? Check the below image.

HSO Example


Did you see the hook, story, and offer? No, okay lemme explain. For this post, I want to reach to audience from my Facebook profile who are doing or planning for guides type video’s youtube channel and take them to my Komodo Deck affiliate sales page.

So, I used “Doing or planning for a guides channel on Youtube” – Hook. If this post reaches you and you are not doing or planning anything related to this, you would skip the post but if you are then you would give it a chance to read, won’t you? This is called a hook. It is used to filter the audience and reach the targetted audience who would actually be interested in what you are going to promote.

Now, with the help of a hook, I got your attention and stopped you on my post, now to further convince you, I start with a story or it can be a feature, the solution to the problem you might be looking for. In this example, I have shared the main feature of Komodo Deck which is screen recording with a webcam.

Now, I know the audience who comes under this. I know they want software and they might already be using one but they always are interested in alternatives. If not then they wouldn’t be reading that part of the post.

Now, comes the offer – In my case, I had a lifetime deal offer to promote. Who doesn’t like LTDs. So, I used the offer to convince the reader to take action – by clicking the affiliate link. And results? I got a few affiliate sales.

HSO Example 2


Again, in this example, I want to reach investors (bloggers/marketers who have budget to invest in some tools) to sell my custom automation-related service. So, my first line in this post “Chhote chhote(small-small) tools are now part of big-funded companies”. With this line, I filtered low-budget audiences and reached audiences who are into investing or running an agency, business, or something.

Then as the story, I have shared examples for them to get an idea of what they can get developed – as this is something that isn’t in demand and I have to create demand. So, with that example, I made them think about what tool they can get developed for their business from me.

Then, I pitched, I am available with the line “if have the budget”. Result? Got a few leads and 1 conversion which is enough for me as a freelance developer.

Why & how does It work?

It works to reach more audiences and increase the reach of your Facebook or any social media post because it increases the engagement of your posts. As you know, the reach of social media posts works best if you got good engagement. And with HSO, you got reach and engagement from the peeps who are actually interested in what you are promoting.

How you can use HSO to sell your services, and products?

Well, if you are a blogger, I will be covering a lot of side hustles you can do to make extra income apart from blogging online. You can use the HSO framework to sell those. So make sure to subscribe to this blog to stay updated with more such posts.

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Check this service idea in the below image with Hook, Story, and the offer you can use to sell the exact service and make some extra side income.


Also, if you are in online or any business you can create hooks to target your audience and craft a story for them to read then give the offer instead of directly pitching.

Ending remarks

So, how was the post? Hope you have learned something about the HSO framework today. Do, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Would love to know your thoughts. I learned about this framework while crafting Facebook posts and didn’t even know about this.

But later I started reading about copyrighting etc then got to know about this framework and further practiced it. Now, if you have learned about it for the first time, I would suggest you go to Google and youtube and read some more posts and watch some videos about it you will gain a new skill that would help you forever for selling more creatively.

Thanks for reading….
– Abhishek Sood

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