September 23, 2022

Learnings from Indian Affiliate Summit — #IAS22

Last week, have attended my first Indian Affiliate Summit — The biggest affiliate gathering in India. In this blog, I’ll try to cover all the learnings from the event.

Network as much as you can for a Click

You might know everything about your industry but still, when you connect and talk with like-minded people, you will learn a lot. As bloggers/marketers, we know a lot of things, strategies, ideas, etc but how much do we implement? And why not implement it all? Because I think our mind is filled with a lot of things that we have learned from experiences, advice, experiments, etc.

But, as this is a very vast field, the learnings in it are also very vast our mind can’t always recall all. One day we are affiliate bloggers and the next day we are looking for AdSense then CPA then Leads etc.

All these experiments and experiences we get while trying all these things are worth more than any degree or course.

These vast learnings come out when we get a click. This click can be triggered with any single advice, word, case study, or resource shared by someone when you connect in such meetups.

So, for this click, network as much as you can.

Content is not always king

In SEO, content is not always the king but your strategy is. Content is one of the ranking factors out of hundreds. Search engines like Google, have weightage for every ranking factor.

Content comes into play only when you are in the top 10s. So, before improving the content and investing the amount in it. You can choose a ranking factor and try improving weightage for it. In the end, it’s all a number game.

You can get 50–70–80/100 doing 2–3 marks MCQ type questions correct which is easy or by writing 10–20 marks long answers. Got the point? No? The next section might improve it more..

SEO is not the same for everyone

SEO is the name of the experiments we do to rank our website on top positions in SERPs. We learn it by doing a lot of experiments and outcomes can’t ever be the same for everyone.

One can rank websites doing content optimization with clusters etc and one can rank with the help of backlinks. This content can be high quality with a lot of research and can be of low-quality garbish content. Backlinks can be spammy or user-generated like web 2.0s, profiles, comments, etc, and can be powerful like PBNs, Press releases, and guest posts.

Everyone can rank with their own strategies which they have learned over the experience of doing multiple experiments.

So, instead of looking for a spoon-feeding SEO course to teach you how to rank on Google, start with basic learnings available on Google search and youtube and start doing your own experiments. Learn how it works before learning how to optimize it to be on top.

English is important

It can be a debatable point whether English is important in blogging or not as you can rank regional language blogs and make $$$$s from it. But, as you grow and start meeting people in this industry, you will feel the importance of knowing English — basic conversational level English is also fine but learning good communicational English will always be a plus for you.

In, IAS22, I tried connecting with affiliate networks and most of their representatives were from foreign English language countries. I can communicate in English but while talking with them I felt nervous because my English wasn’t that good.

I had a lot of questions in mind which I believe could have fetched me good learnings from these representatives, but I couldn’t convey my thoughts/questions that creatively which I believe I could in Hindi.

Good English gives inner confidence to convey our thoughts and fetch learnings from others which is very important to stay a few steps ahead.

Ending Remarks

That’s all I can recall for now, as there was an after party after the IAS22 event, enjoyed it a lot there with fellow marketers.

I’ll try to add everything from my learnings from the past 5+ years as a blogger turn web developer and turn back to a blogger on this blog.

Let’s join the discussion in the comments below.

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Abhishek Sood

A Blogger turned web developer, now utilizing web dev skills in blogging with Programmatic SEO & building micro-SAASs in the blogging industry.

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